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The Boothe Group, LLC

The Boothe Group offers independent, unbiased technology consulting and education services to private clubs: country clubs, golf clubs, city/athletic clubs, yacht clubs, residential community clubs and hybrid club/resort properties. We have worked with more than 400 properties in the past 30+ years to help plan their technology future and implement appropriate solutions.
Technology Best
Practices Review

Provides a thorough review of more than 100 activities and offers valuable recommendations for improvement. Includes website, member e-communications, business intelligence and executive reporting, club/POA management software (F&B POS, banquets, events, reservations, sports POS and inventory, fitness and spa, membership demographics, member billing and A/R, G/L, A/P, payroll, time and attendance, website, blast email and mobile app) along with network security and key technology procedures. We help assure that your club is receiving the highest return on its technology investment.

Software Selection
and Implementation

Includes a thorough review of each department’s software needs. Uses our checklist of more than 1,500 functions to assure that a thorough analysis is performed. Continues with a structured approach to evaluate competing software solutions, based upon the requirements established in the review. Includes management of vendor demos, creation of formal RFP and analysis/comparison of vendor proposals. Concludes with negotiation of vendor contracts, implementation management and pilot testing

IT Strategic Planning

and Budgeting

Begins with a review of each epartment’s technology needs—software, equipment and connectivity. Explores all facets of technology available to the club. Evaluates and prioritizes each area of technology. Creates a five year technology implementation plan and budget.

Software Reengineering

Focuses on maximizing the capabilities of the legacy systems and existing personnel. Maps key technology procedures to discover potential improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. Explores management expectations and business requirements to determine the cost-benefit of retaining the existing technologies versus purchasing new.

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