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See the Advantages of hiring us to help with your selection project...



  1. A comprehensive process that covers all the bases.

  2. Experience with 400+ private clubs and communities.

  3. Exclusive evaluation tools that are not available from any other source.

  4. Independence - no affiliation with any of the software vendors.

  5. A process that assures your club/POA will select the "best fit" solution from the many that are available.

  6. Critical assistance with the implementation of your new system to assure a successful deployment.


The differences between our services and those offered by competitors are DRAMATIC.  See the many differences... 

Software Selection & Implementation: Includes a thorough review of each department’s software needs. Uses our checklist of more than 1,500 functions to assure that a thorough analysis is performed. Continues with a structured approach to evaluate competing software solutions, based upon the requirements established in the review. Includes management of vendor demos, creation of formal RFP and analysis/comparison of vendor proposals. Concludes with negotiation of vendor contracts, implementation management and pilot testing. Requested by clubs wanting a complete project management approach. 

Software Selection

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