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Bill Boothe has published more than 90 articles on a variety of Club and POA Technology topics. Here are a few of his most recent articles along with some favorites from past years.          


Software Reengineering Explained

Cybersecurity - A Guide for You to Follow

Software or Service - Which is More Important?

Club Software Reliability and Customer Support

Software for Your Club's Community Association


A Quick Study of Your Club Management Software

Member Communications - Don't Get Carried Away

How to Secure Your Notebook PC While Traveling

Tableside POS - Right for Your Club?

Ransomware - A True Story

Transforming Your Club's Approach to Technology

Virtual Credit Cards - Revisited

Tips on Negotiating Software Contracts

Club Software: A 20-Year Retrospective

Why Private Clubs Are Targets for Cyber Attacks

How Effective is Your Club's Technology Support?

The Future of Club Technology

What Sports Tells Us About Software Training

It's Time for Club Managers to Become Tech Savvy


My Favorite Software Myth Gets Busted

Credit Cards & eChecks


Paperless Member Billing - Why Wait?

Do I Really Have to Use Industry-Specific Software for My Club?

Mobile App Survey Results

Virtual Credit Cards: Why Isn't Every Club Using Them?

Software Replacement vs. Reengineering Assessment

"Old" Club Management Software: How to Turn Frowns Into Smiles

2016 Private Club Software User Satisfaction Survey Results

AP Automation - What's It All About?

Cyber Security - The Real Story


2016 CMAA Business Expo Vendor Survey

Wireless Pop Quiz


Using Technology to Reduce Costs


Sharing an IT Professional


Does Your Club's IT Strategic Plan Go Far Enough?


Club Management Software Vendor Survey


The Newest Trend in Club Amenities


Here Come the Tablets!


What if Club Software Cost a Million Bucks?


Wi-Fi Basics - What You Need to Know (Parts 1 & 2)


Member-Centric Technologies


What's on the Club Technology Horizon?


Club Software: Finding Your "Best Fit"


Aligning Your Club's IT Strategy


The Times They Are a-Changin'


Making Cloud Computing a Reality for Private Clubs


Mobilizing Your Club's Member Communications


Software Subscription Plans:  Too Good to Be True?


The Catch-22 of Club Technology Budgeting


To Swipe… or Not to Swipe? The Pros & Cons of Member ID Cards


What’s the Point of a Software Purchase Contract?


Predicting Vendor Staying Power



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