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IT Strategic Planning
Software Selection
Wireless Technology
Telephone Systems
IT Effectiveness

A complete curriculum that covers the key

technology subjects you need to know.


  • Accredited for HFTP and CMAA members. 

  • Designed for a non-technical audience – CFO's, Controllers, General Managers, Assistant and Clubhouse Managers, and other Key Club Personnel who are involved in technology decision-making.

  • Also helpful for Club Members who are involved in technology decisions: Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Technology Committee members.

  • Reasonably priced with quantity discounts.

  • Courses designed and taught by Bill Boothe, the industry’s leading authority on private club technology.

  • Online Portal hosted by DigitalChalk, an online Learning Management System used by hundreds of organizations including The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University.



The education curriculum includes the following six courses:


  1. How to Create an IT Strategic Plan for Your Club.

  2. How to Measure Your Club’s IT Effectiveness.

  3. Should you Replace or Reengineer Your Club Management Software?

  4. How to Select and Implement New Club Management Software.

  5. Wireless Technology for Private Clubs: What You Need to Know.

  6. Telephone Systems for Private Clubs: What You Need to Know.


Courses are reasonably priced at $39.00 each:


A 15% quantity discount is applied for the purchase of 3 or more courses.

Go to our online education

portal to register for courses:



Each course provides 1.0 hour of professional education credit for HFTP and CMAA members.

Accredited Online Technology Education

for Private Club Professionals! 

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