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HFTP & CMAA Chapter Seminars


You can present one or more courses to a group of your Chapter members. Here’s how it works:


  1. Choose the course you wish to share with your Chapter members.

  2. Purchase the course.

  3. Contact Bill Boothe to notify him that you wish to present the course as a Chapter seminar.

  4. Provide Bill with the seminar date, time and an estimated number of attendees.

  5. Bill will send you an approval form that includes a description of the estimated cost for the seminar, as follows:

    • For the first 1-10 attendees - $15 each.

    • For attendees in excess of 10 - $10 each.

  6. Present the course to your Chapter members. Use a hi-res LCD projector, a large screen and external speakers so everyone will be able to see and hear the presentation.

  7. Following the completion of your seminar, send Bill a list of attendees.

  8. Bill will send you Certificates of Completion for all attendees along with an invoice for the seminar.


For more information on Chapter seminars, contact Bill at (561) 281-0459 or

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