How to Determine if Your Consultant is Truly Independent:

Club Management Software Evaluation and Selection


When a private club engages a consultant to assist with the evaluation and selection of new club management software, the club rightly expects the consultant of offer an unbiased, independent evaluation process that identifies the “best fit” solution for that particular club.  Unfortunately, some consulting firms that claim to be independent are in fact affiliated with a single software provider.  As a result, their “independent evaluation” ends with a predictable result – the selection of the consultant’s preferred provider.  This denies the club a truly independent evaluation, and in many cases, leaves the club with an inferior solution.


There is a simple step a club can take to assure that a consulting firm is truly independent:


  • Obtain a list of the solutions selected by the consultant from their 10 most recent evaluation projects.  The private club management software industry is dominated by four providers:  Clubessential/ClubSoft, EZLinks/IBS, Jonas and Northstar.  90+% of all new systems are provided by one of these four vendors. So it is logical to assume that the results experienced by a consulting firm’s clients would be consistent with that sales trend.  Action to be Taken:  Obtain a list of the consultant’s 10 most recent evaluation projects with the club name and system selected.  If a single vendor dominates that list, you can be assured that the consultant is not providing unbiased advice.


The Boothe Group, LLC is a truly independent consulting firm.  Here are the results of our 29 most recent engagements (through July 2019):


  • Clubessential/ClubSoft – 5 + 1 (5 new purchase; 1 re-engineered rather than purchase a new system)

  • EZLinks/IBS – 3 new purchase

  • Jonas – 3 + 7 (3 new purchase; 7 re-engineered)

  • Northstar – 7 + 3 (7 new purchase; 3 re-engineered)

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