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Private Club Technology Update


Final Edition of PCTU

Just a brief announcement that December 2018 will be the final edition of Private Club Technology Update. I published PCTU from 1999 to 2005 when I was a partner with RSM US (formerly McGladrey), took a break for a few years, and resumed publishing in February 2016 with my own firm. The newsletter has provided a forum to highlight important technology issues for the private club industry, and I trust that it has been helpful to our subscribers over the years. As much as I have enjoyed writing and publishing PCTU, I’m finding that the opportunity to publish in The Boardroom Magazine is more than sufficient. Many of the key PCTU articles are picked up by The Boardroom, and the opportunity to publish there has expanded greatly in recent years. So, I’ve decided to redirect my efforts to The Boardroom – which has a much wider subscriber base than I could ever hope to have with PCTU. I encourage you to subscribe to The Boardroom Magazine (if you don’t already) and offer my heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of club executives who have subscribed to PCTU over the years.  



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